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Oklahoma City Nov. 7-11

Perhaps you remember the old TV Show Extreme Makeover? 

Well this is Church Mobilization's portion of Seek and Save,

and we are doing our own version of


 Church Makeover Edition! 

Where we remodel 2 churches in 5 days! 

If you have ever wanted to be a part of something bigger

than yourself that will affect people for eternity this is it! 

So join us in making a difference for these churches

and the lives they can reach with the proper tools equipment.

November 6-11

(construction starts a day earlier) 

Seek and Save other events 7-11

Here is what you need to do: 

*Click on the link below to register and follow instructions there.

*Shoot us an email (click the "Email Us Here!" button or email

with the list of your volunteers names and their contact info

    * Make plans for your own lodging and meals

             *If you have an RV we have a possible location to park contact us

           *Lunch (and possibly breakfast) will be taken care of each day in the construction portion of Seek and Save.

* Wait for more information from the National Seek and Save Office as well as from Jeff and Alesa any questions

Call/Text 913-645-6512 

* Be sure and watch your spam file for follow-up paperwork. If you do not fill out

the Assumption of Risk form and the a new

Background Check form you have NOT completed your registration. No one without this paperwork

completed is allowed to work on a site in any area of Seek and Save. 

* Contact Dianne Earnest at 1-856-305-3353 help with registering for Seek and Save

as well as information for RV parking in OKC. 

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What is Needed

Church #1 (In order of their desire)

#1 Paint Outside of the Building, Repair Soffit and do landscaping (this really needs to be done, sooner rather than later because of weather issues) Maybe we can get a team there in late September or October. (would be good to power-wash first) 

#2 Ceiling Tile replaced in the whole building 

#3 Lighting changed out to LED all over

#4 Bathrooms 2 men, 2 women & one behind platform (could use some paint, cover electric wires, paint and replace the present door with a barn door. 

If 3 - 5 different churches would take on a bathroom or 2 with either supplying only labor or supplies and Labor (all or part) That would be ideal. 

#5 Paint platform half walls and or cover with beadboard or paneling 

#6 Replace carpet on stage with wood flooring. 


Church #2 : 

#1 Replace all tiles in the Children's wing downstairs

#2 Add LED to lighting in Children's wing downstairs. 

#3 Make some sheetrock repairs in the hallway

#3 Decorate and make repairs to Youth Wing up Stairs 



Were looking for individuals and groups willing to come and volunteer
their labor and/or perhaps even make donations of supplies or funds 
Have a group that wants to help? 
Consider Adopting a Project.......
Exterior Painting & Repairs (preferably before Nov) 
Pick a Bathroom (there are 5) 
The Platform (new floor and paint)
Replacing ceiling tiles throughout the Building
Changing out lights to LED throughout the Building
Youth and Children's Wing

Church #1 Exterior

Church #1 Ceiling tiles need replace and
LED lighting throughout the building

Ladies Restroom off Foyer

We need a couple of youth groups to adopt a Youth Room and Children Church area in a church too!
If you heart is for kids this is it!
Contact us today! 
Jeff Miller 913-634-6367,  
Alesa Miller  913-645-6512
or Greg Hurta 405-618-9778 

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