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A Lifetime Of Finding Needs And Filling Them

Jeff and Alesa are childhood sweethearts who met at the young age of 16 and 13 yrs. old and married four years later just after Alesa's 17th birthday. Their love story is one for the record books. (just ask them about it) 

​Both cut their teeth on the church pew, Jeff’s Dad was a deacon of the church and Alesa’s was the preacher. The Millers have served in churches for over 35 yrs., that range as small as 5 and as large as 5,000. Their passion is to see souls come to know Jesus and their family mission statement as always been, "What good does it do to save the whole world if they lose their own kids souls." 

Besides the over 30 yrs of Ministry experience Jeff has ranging from Children’s Pastor, Church Planting, Royal Ranger Director and Full-Time Pastoring, Jeff is also EPA certified, well versed in over 40 yrs. of HVAC, Contracting, Electrical and Plumbing experience.  Alesa is gifted in organization and is a talented singer, decorator, and writer. She was previously an Assisted Living Director when she wasn’t homeschooling all 3 children. Both have organized city-wide events for up to 5,000 people and look forward to serving and partnering with churches in Kansas & Oklahoma  for Church Mobilization Department of the Assemblies of God.  (Formerly US Maps) 

The Millers are proud to say all 3 of their grown children love the Lord and serve the church in some way. With both sons being licensed Ministers with the Assemblies of God, they carry on the 3rd generations of ministry. Jeff and Alesa’s three grandchildren are the apple of Mimi and Poppy's eye and they love getting to spend every minute they can with the family. 


When you find the Miller Family, they'll probably be hanging out together around the family dining room table Jeff's dad built his family almost 50 years ago. They will most likely be eating BBQ (because that is Jeff’s favorite food) or some meal Alesa has put together because she loves to cook and they will probably be watching an Alabama Football game since Jeff was born and raised in Alabama and may just be one of their biggest fans. But one thing is certain if all the Millers are together, they are having fun!


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