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There is nothing like the local church,

when the local church is working.... 

" I see U.S. Missions as the best secret that is yet to be told. This is something that has the potential to impact our nation. Our U.S. Missionaries have the ability to equip, mobilize and come along side the local church, to move outside their four walls and begin to impact their communities - Malcolm Burleigh  U.S. Missions Director for the Assemblies of God
Because when we come together to help the local church be the best it can be, we are being the hands and feet of Jesus. 

Coming together and serving the local church is the easiest way to strengthen it and fulfill the Great Commission God has called us all to do while using our God given gifts in the church. 

Church Mobilization is the tool the Assemblies of God is using to connect the needs of the local church with those who desire to serve. 


Church Mobilization serves the Assemblies of God by providing opportunities to be involved in ministry, either as a church group or as individuals. C M offers evangelism and construction support to other missionaries and AG churches, districts, colleges, and other facilities across our nation.

We Can All Do Something.......

Until the whole world knows about what Christ has done for us our mission isn't complete. We no longer have to go overseas to find people that don't know Christ. We can walk out our front door and our mission field is before us. I believe God is calling all of us to do something to see people come to know Him. What will you do to make a forever difference in someone else's life?                                                                                                               Jeffrey Miller Sr. 

We believe the Local Church is still the most effective way to teach people about Jesus....

When we come together using the resources and talents God has given us to meet the needs of the local church, we are assuring the local church is the most effective it can be. Whether it is a church team that goes and help another church make repairs on their building or an individual helping a church with administrative services. ​ 

What do you do? 

Do you have a love for children, are you experienced in construction? Maybe working in an office or with technology is more your thing?  Join our Church Development team then!  Do you desire to make a difference in peoples lives through the local church but don't have a bible degree and could never see yourself standing behind a pulpit.

We realize that everyone isn't called to full-time ministry but believe everyone has a gift that God has given them. That is what becoming a Missionary Associate is all about.  (MAs) usually commit to one to two years of service and work alongside a ministry leader. You will often find an MA helping with administration or maintenance work. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to assist a missionary—from office work and beyond. 

Maybe you have a group of friends who are passionate about sharing Christ's love in a practical way but don't have years to give.  Church teams participate in evangelism projects, construction projects, or both. These teams can vary in size and scope, and their trips last for a short period of time (a few days to a week or more).


Perhaps you are at a season in your life where you want to travel, you own a R.V. and are ready to hit the road because you know life isn't over when your job ends. It has really just begun. RVers come from a variety of professional and vocational backgrounds, ages, and gender. Many are retired or near retirement, but don’t have to be. RVers can serve for a few weeks to months at a location, and several spend an entire year traveling across America assisting missionaries and ministries on construction projects.


If any of these opportunities sound like you,  be sure and click on the Volunteer button on the home page and lets get you connected so you can serve.  


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